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Real Estate Photography Pricing

The price of shoot real estate (any area, starting from 20 sqm) starts from 16'000 baht. This price includes:

Meeting and discussing details

Meeting with the client on the premises for examination and explanation of all technical issues, as well as for recommendations on the details of the interior.

Photographing an real estate property

Shoot of the interior and exterior whole day (from early morning until late evening). All rooms and features of your interior, all the details with many different angles.

Why does it take the whole day?

As a photographer, I see my task in depicting the place in the best possible, flattering light. Quality interior photography is more than just pushing a button, and requires thoroughness, some forethought; picking up the right angle, tools and equipment also takes time. Each ready picture consists from about 5 shots combined during post-processing. Plus every place looks differently at different time of the day and with different sources of light (sunlight, electricity, etc). All that should be taken into account. In my experience, it has always been nearly for all day long.


The shoot is only 30% from result. All pictures should to have processing. But for begin, in several days you get all the unedited pictures. And you as a customer, will choose which angles and views most suitable for you for sales your property. This cost includes handling 20 selected photos. If you need more photos, then each additional photo costs 1000 baht. After, during 3 weeks, these photographs are fully processed. Deep retouch using all of the above technologies.

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